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World MS Day
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World MS Day
Sunday 30th May is World MS Day. It is a charity close to my heart as my mum was diagnosed not long after I was born, so I grew up with her suffering from the cruel disease for 19 years before she passed away.
On Saturday 29th May and Sunday 30th
May, I plan to run / bike 8 x 8km. So 2 days - 8 x 8km each day, running half the distance and biking half the distance, to represent the 288 people who are diagnosed with MS each day. That’s 1 person every 5 minutes. There are 2.8 million people worldwide living with multiple sclerosis. This number has doubled over the past 20 years.
I would be so very grateful if you would be kind enough to consider supporting me by donating to this worthy cause for the fight against MS. Every penny makes a difference.
Thank you 🙏

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    Well done Gez xx

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    You Go Girl

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    You're amazing. Good luck!

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    Go for it Gez!

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    Good luck! For a good cause close to our heart♥️

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    Good luck Geraldine! Great cause xx

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    An amazing cause and you’re an amazing woman - well done Xxx

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    Enjoy your run!

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    Well done Geraldine, it will be an achievement close to your heart.